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Adult Guitar Lessons – Guitar for Grownups


Adult Guitar Lessons is an interesting product and well worth a look over, the author Keith Dean is a professional guitarist with over 30 of experience, and of course as the title suggests his course is aimed at a slighty older crowd. But what comes with this is a different style of learning, like the 'old' greats.

Like myself Keith didn't get a degee in music or any real training but rather learnt from using his ear and feel. I've seen my fair few share of online guitar systems and it's reasurring that one that resembles the way that I learnt.

Starting of you can start by getting your free 21 page "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" e-book from the main site. This contains, you guessed it, 7 Steps to get you started before buying the main product, a few of these are:

check small 20 21Which specific chords you must learn first...and why.

check small 20 21How learning shapes and patterns will speed your learning

check small 20 214 practical tips to get more fun and enjoyment from your playing

An important message that comes across is that 'It's never too late' and to make a dream a reality, and I tend to agree. The beauty of the internet means you can learn at home, right now, start learning and then pick it up again when you're ready. Once you start who knows what you can do; Join a band, get some part time or even full time money, it's up to you.

Once you've got the full product you'll have access to over 100 video lessons at your disposal, each with music tab, pictures and more, see the pictures below. The full package also comes with full support to answer any of your questions and being online you're get the latest updates.

With the four Modules included (Beginner, Intermediate, Lead and Licks) this covers a wide range of techniques and skills. Many of which you can use with the Songs included; some of the classics (That I play too!) include; Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Kinks, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton..... More can be found on the main page.

Some nice little bonuses are included as a cherry on top.

Super Bonus #1 - One-on-One Guitar Coaching

Super Bonus #2 - 10 Steps to Successful Songwriting

Super Bonus #3 15 Things You Have To Know About Playing In A Band

Adult Guitar Lessons isn't just about feel and ear though, there is a bit of theory thrown in there if you fancy looking over it, most of which I'm sure you'll get something out of. Palm Muting, Basic Strumming, Slides, Pull Off's Scale Patterns to name a few. If you don't know what some of these are then it's all in there to explain.

With plenty of content to keep you going and start making your dream or passion a reality this really is a good product. I would however recommend this for the slighty older guitar player, who will really appreciate the content within this.

As Keith claims, you could be playing songs from some of the best artists of all time within 30 Days, and I have to agree with his statement, obviously this will require some time on your behalf, but using the materials available after becoming a Full Member it's all there at your disposal, music doesn't teach itself though.

AdultGuitarLessons includes Unlimited Email Coaching so you are never alone!

Playing guitar later in life can be Good For Your Health!

AdultGuitarLessons is available in an online, multi-media format with powerful, detail packed videos, full written explanations, accompanied by chord diagrams, music charts, TABs, color pictures, Jam Tips, Lesson Goals and Summaries. Easy to follow and understand!

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Feedback & Overview


Actual Customer Feedback:

• “Not only have your classes been full of fun, but they are sooooo easy to follow that anyone can learn from you.  You make the guitar fun, and the songs easy to learn.  I have not been able to put my guitar down, and the only draw back I have is there aren't enough hours in the day for practice.  Keith, you are a testament to easy learning.  Oh yeah, and the most important thing of all, is you give personal feedback which to me, is the best part of all.  I actually get to talk with you as if you were teaching me personally.  Thank you for the opportunity to really learn this instrument at my own pace.

Barb D. - Los Angeles, CA  

• When I was about 12 I had visions of being a rock star like so many during the time of the British invasion. As I got older, life got in the way, and even though I thought of being that rock star I never was able to pursue my dreams. My wife knew of my younger dreams and encouraged me to start playing again, which I did a little, but I wanted to play the guitar the right way, not struggle with trying to read music, learn the chords, make the progressions from chord to chord without the frustration. I started looking online for guitar lesson information and found a lot of sites,but none seemed to be in the business of teaching - only selling - except one, Adult Guitar Lessons. I was a bit apprehensive at first but I joined after being impressed with what the site contained. It was so loaded with information and sharing, genuine in a way that only a person that loves what he does is willing to give to others that have the desire as well. 

I want to tell you I have enjoyed every minute of my lessons and practice. I can't wait to take another lesson or practice every chance I get. I have slowed my lessons a bit simply because I want to be good at playing guitar and want every note to be as clear and beautiful sounding as it can be and the progressions to be smooth. Who knows maybe now at 59 I am on my way to being that rock star I only have been able to dream about. 

Since becoming a member of Adult Guitar Lessons, I have talked to many people interested in learning to play with the same story as mine, and trust me when I say I have recommended every one of them to you.

Fred W. - Florida 

• Hiya Keith, I would just like to thank you and your team for giving me the enthusiasm to try once more with the guitar. I am a 62 yr old blues fan and have "messed about" with guitars for years without much success, with your course I find it very user friendly and in just a few short weeks am able to play some things that people actually recognize!
I find the video clips helpful and fun and I really like the fact that I can revisit any part of the course when it suits me.

You keep up the good work and I will keep practicing.

Cheers,  John  S., Gt Manchester, England.

mikesays Mike Says: A very good, fun and interesting product. I play alot of the older generation of music (I hate saying that), they are classics and they certainly don't write them like they used to. For this reason I have given Adult Guitar Lessons a high mark. It's an original concept and without focusing on technique and theory too much it makes this that much more enjoyable. Don't think you can do it, I bet you can, check it out. Mike.

Product Details
Company Info: Adult Guitar Lessons was registered in 2008 by the Author Keith Dean
Product Specifications: Format: Adult Guitar Lessons is in an eBook and Video format for Instant Download .

Specifications: Sold via ClickBank for instant download

Payment Accepted: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Price: $47 - Lifetime
Return Policy: If you don't like Adult Guitar Lessons for ANY reason, you can return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your purchase price. You're free to return it up to 60 days from the date you purchased it. - Official Adult Guitar Lesson Review
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